Links between Health and Beauty

Links between Health and Beauty

There is such a close link between health and beauty and vice versa.

For instance a lot of aesthetic medicines also can improve your health, an example of this is botox which is most known for its beauty functionality of making us look younger! However, this is also used by people for relieving headaches by injection of it into the forehead.

And, perhaps it goes without saying, but looking after your health through diet and exercise is ultimately the best way to have beautiful and radiant skin and stay looking youthful. I am often amazed at photos of people who have not forked out on expensive aesthetic medicines or technology and looking glowing with youth when they are in their middle ages or older!

So, although I am all for making ourselves look our best in whatever way we want (as long as it is safe), I am also lets say ‘pro-health’ for beauty. An extreme of viewing this approach is thinking of a person who has had a stroke. Of course, this is a big physical and mental impact on anybody’s life, but most of us would still feel conscious of how we looked! So prevention through looking after our health can only be a good thing, whether it be acne, wrinkles or more serious conditions. There are a range of ways you may want to consider for your health and beauty. Whether it be through aesthetic technology or through a healthy life style to help prevention of aging within and without.

I hope you will enjoy, check out this video for a taster of what’s to come!

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