Technology for Health

Technology for Health


In science fiction films, lasers are often used for advanced weaponry. In reality, however, lasers are being used in more exciting and interesting ways. Lasers are helping medical professionals to treat a variety of different conditions.

Below, you’ll find a few of the many uses for lasers in the health field. You’ll learn how this technology is enriching the medical industry.

Laser Surgery

In the past, surgeons had to rely on scalpels and a steady hand in order to make incisions. Now, they have a better option available to them. Lasers are regularly used in surgical procedures. They have helped to reduce the risks associated with surgery.

As an example, lasers are frequently used in endovascular surgery. This is a type of surgery in which atheromatous plaque is excised from arteries. This type of surgery can significantly improve heart health.

Lasers are used in a number of other surgical procedures as well. Lasers are used to control bleeding when treating colorectal cancers and are used to dissolve tumors on the liver. Because of lasers, many people with serious illnesses have a better prognosis. Lasers make it easier for medical professionals to safely provide people with the kind of treatment that they need.

Eye Health

Lasers have had a massive impact on eye health. With the right surgery, serious vision problems can be corrected. People who have poor vision can get 20/20 vision through laser treatment.

While LASIK is a particularly well-known type of laser eye surgery, it isn’t the only treatment option that exists. Laser thermal keratoplasty and ReLEx SMILE are also used to improve vision.

In addition, lasers are used to treat other types of eye conditions. Irregularities can be removed from the cornea with phototherapeutic keratectomy. Laser coagulation can be used to cauterized blood vessels in the eye that have become damaged. Lasers are even able to heal tears in the retina. Thanks to lasers, many eye issues that were once difficult to resolve can now be treated effectively.

Dental Health

Lasers are frequently used by dentists to treat tooth decay and gum disease. As an example, lasers can work to remove decay that is inside of a tooth. From there, the tooth can be fully prepared for a filling.

Lasers can also help to remove bacteria from gums. If gums have been severely damaged by gum disease, they can be used to reshape the gums so that they can fully regain their health. In addition, they can remove lesions that have formed in the mouth.

While lasers are commonly used to treat dental health issues, they can also be used in cosmetic dentistry. It is common for dentists to use lasers to speed up the whitening process. Lasers are able to increase the effectiveness of the bleaching solutions that are used to whiten teeth.

How Laser Technology Works

A laser uses light as a means of delivering energy. This allows a laser to be used as a precise cutting instrument, slicing open the body or excising tissue that the body does not need. A laser can also be used to make various treatment methods more effective.

It is clear that researchers have only just begun to explore the possibilities offered by lasers. In the future, it is likely that lasers will be used in a wider variety of treatments. Click here to find out more.

Lasers are offering doctors and dentists to provide their patients with precise and safe methods of treatment. As you look at the ways that lasers are being used, you will be able to see how beneficial they can be. Many people have been able to reap the benefits of advances in laser technology.